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Venus Skin Clinic Creative Branding

What We Did
Brand Name – VENUS Skin Care
Competitive Analysis
Creative Custom Logo Design
Brand Identity Design 
Communication Design
Ongoing Brand Building Support

Project background: 

Dermatology Industry in Coimbatore has been so far stuck between cosmetic & clinical centers - none of those were offering a holistic solution. So, Poogle media set out to change the category by building a sophisticated brand logo design that truly understands dermatology & sits between clinical & cosmetic aesthetics. Venus Skin Clinic logo design was custom crafted that is bold, but not intimidating; colorful, yet pleasing. The V symbol was constructed in Golden Ratio to make the brand identity symmetrical (akin to cosmetic dermatology) Design of visual elements, brand color palette and brand typography styles to consistently communicate the desired look and feel for the clinic. The visual style of the text is flowing and continuous to match with the brand icon. Visual Identity System brought the brand to life across touch points - right from signage system to the stationery. The brand successfully launched its first clinic in Coimbatore, India and a has started earning good client base.  Visual Brand Identity Design was designed to give the skin clinic’s branding a feeling of freshness, rejuvenating and luxurious.

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